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Ongoing Series: Improving Child Development in Richland County

This content is proudly supported by Little Buckeye Children's Museum, who provides children and families opportunities to learn and discover through the power of play everyday right here in Richland County.

Ongoing Series: Thriving in the Martial Arts

A first-person series written by Chris Hershberger on how he went from being a "poor punk kid" in Mansfield to an Olympic Taekwondo All-American coach.

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Galette is a term that means “flat cake,” and is used in French cuisine to describe a freeform tart. There are many versions of galette, such as a Breton galette, which is a buckwheat pancake with savory filling. The Canadian French version is similar to a large cookie. A cake type of galett…

派来五走势图Life feels so noisy right now. There is a lot to be worked up about, so many decisions that need to be made, so many heartaches to mourn, so many injustices that need righted. Amidst it all, we have to carry on with our daily lives and keep it all together. 


派来五走势图MANSFIELD – Although the eventful month of October won’t be what people have typically expected each year, there are still plenty of things to do and be excited for in Mansfield. 

This week, my second grader, Eloise, came home from school and, as I do most days, I asked her what she learned. She said, “I learned that I can count on my fingers, I don’t have to have all the math memorized.” I was ecstatic. When she was in first grade, in spite of the fact that math is a…


派来五走势图SHELBY -- When Faye Henderson was in the fifth grade her teacher told his students to write a story. Her imagination came alive, and she escaped into the characters, the plot, and the setting.


Think about a season in your life when you were truly thriving. In those seasons, you’re operating on all cylinders: eating well, sleeping well, my energy is positive, my work is strong and my relationships are healthy. All of those elements work in synchronicity, each influencing the next a…


MANSFIELD – During her teenage years, Sarah Goff spent some time drifting between bands and performing in local shows. Today she’s busting down doors to make space for herself in the music industry on her own, and so far that approach is showing her promise. 

派来五走势图I was driving through Ashland today, and with each yard I passed, I felt myself tense up. The signs in the yards reflected a political candidate I feel opposed to, and I found myself being curious about why it bothered me. 

Editor's Note: This is part VIII of a series on Thriving in the Martial Arts. Written by Chris Hershberger, he provides a first-person look at how he went from being a "poor punk kid" from Mansfield to an Olympic Taekwondo All-American coach. 

Pizza is probably the most popular fast food in America. It’s estimated that 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year, about 46 slices per person! While it wasn’t until 1905 that the first pizzeria opened in New York, people have been eating some form of pizza for centuries.

派来五走势图My entire life, I have loved the first day of school. As a child, the night before school started felt a little like Christmas, with new clothes set out for the morning, new supplies in the backpack. The potential that came with a new school year, with new teachers and new classmates, was ab…


派来五走势图Editor's Note: The Strive to Thrive competition launched in January 2020 after nine local contestants were chosen by Richland Source and OhioHealth Ontario Health & Fitness to compete in a 12-week weight loss challenge. 

I came across a video today that brought me to tears. A man kept getting motion alerts from his driveway security camera each evening because a little boy kept riding his bike in his driveway. In response, the man chalked a racetrack in the driveway for the child to have some fun as he rode,…

派来五走势图Editor's Note: This is a monthly educational series about racism. Contributors include Donna Hight, Beth Castle, Margaret Lin, Deanna West-Torrence, Renda Cline, Tiffany Mitchell, Crystal Davis Weese, Brigitte Coles and Amy Hiner.

派来五走势图There’s a lot to disagree about these days. Each day, it seems the lines that divide us get drawn in new and surprising ways. Moreover, messages about how we should feel about that division are conflicting and difficult to navigate. Someone you may have seen eye to eye with a week ago on mos…

派来五走势图The Strive to Thrive contest officially came to a close this week. Based on the relative change of body fat percentage, Sue Hunt won after a relative change of 10.6% followed by Justin Brant with 9.2%.

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking down the road with binoculars. As a result, I’m great at planning and foresight, strengths that I use in every avenue of life. 

派来五走势图There’s no questioning that this has been a difficult year. For some, this year has brought devastating losses of loved ones, jobs, plans and dreams. For all of us, the tumultuous intensity of the pandemic, civil unrest and toxic political climate has disrupted our status quo and has cast a …

派来五走势图Yesterday, I was served an article online about an acquaintance of mine who was being accused of doing something inappropriate. I don’t know the person well, but as I read it, my initial thought was that it was such an incomplete depiction of who this person is. Over the past few years, I ha…

Since March, I’ve often thought that I’ll reflect on the day that the governor shut down the schools due to the global pandemic much in the same way I remember the moment I was told that the planes hit the Twin Towers. That moment will be emblazoned into my mind: where I was, who I was with,…

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